C’est trop tôt pour hurler!

Eight am on a Sunday morning and I’m sat in my front room listening to an angry man having an argument on his mobile phone right outside my house. He’s yelling in French, which makes it sound that much more impassioned. It’s also very loud for first thing on a Sunday. A few minutes ago, he kicked our bin (yes, I am nosy and have been watching. If you have an argument THAT loud at THIS time in the morning outside my window, I consider you viable entertainment). The bin made an exciting, echoing, clonking sound, which brought the dogs to the window. It’s a large picture window and they treat it pretty much like a doggy television. They were grinning, as they do when something exciting happens. I am used to their toothy grins, and know that, despite the odd wrangle with each other, they’ve never used those teeth on a person. Angry Man on Phone does not know that. He crossed to the other side of the road pretty damn fast. That was oddly satisfying.

I’m now on the final book of the Ink trilogy. I want to do a post about it when finished. At this stage I’ll just say that it’s very much a trilogy for people who love books. Beautifully bound books.

Other fun things going on this week:

I’m planning my escape from facebook. After wasting God only knows how much time on that damned site doing nothing at all, I’ve decided to just delete my account and be done with the whole thing. And not just deactivate my account. Deactivation is balls. It basically just means that you aren’t using facebook. Nope, I want full, blown-to-smithereens, extinction. I announced I was quitting a few days ago, in an effort to gather emails from those people I’d like to keep in touch with. The amount of concern that I’m leaving a popular networking site was quite … odd. “Are you ok?” was asked quite a lot. No one asked “Why?” though.

As I leave facebook (the death throes of my account will be taking place in about two hours) I found myself joining Skype. This resulted in a number of actual conversations with people yesterday afternoon – people I hadn’t seen for a long time. Way more satisfying than statuses.

I have signed up for NaNoWriMo. I’ve been signing up for the last few years, and then doing nothing because for some reason all my holidays seem to take place in the first week of November. Not this year. This year I shall WRITE. Ha.

No picture this time.

One thought on “C’est trop tôt pour hurler!

  1. I know a lot of people that want more than just status updates and quiz results, too. Social networking sites, while they may have their uses at one point or another, definitely lack the depth of actual interaction that people crave. I'll have to look into Skype – I've heard a lot about it.I can't wait for NaNoWriMo, even though I don't know what I'm going to write yet. But like you, I will actually WRITE this year. =)


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