The List

I’m the type of person who needs a deadline to get anything done. Being that my life is flipping past me at top speed ‘like one of those day calendars in an old movie’ (as someone recently and horribly described it) I’ve signed up to dayzeroproject. Basically, writing a list of 101 things to achieve in the next 1,001 days.

As I signed up to do my 101 about a month ago, the number of days I have left is already down to 961. Then a couple of weeks ago, I realised that the 101 in 1,001 is only a 100 or so days off being a list of things to complete before I turn 30. In retrospect, I think when I was coming up with the 101, I probably should have referred to the lists I made was I was 12 (things I’ll do by the time I’m 16), 15 (things to do by 21) and 20 (things to do by 25), none of which I’ve ever completed. But because I didn’t think of the 101 as a ‘before 30’ list, a lot of the things on it are small and crap and… achievable, I think is the word I’m looking for. Just a way to get my arse in gear. Of course the flipside to writing a list of achievable things was the two weeks of soul searching and wondering what in hell happened to my dreams and ambitions, but that’s by the by.

Item number 58 on the list requires me to write 52 blog entries. The plan was to get them done in about a year, but since that was a month ago and this is the first blog entry I’ve done in months, clearly that hasn’t worked.

So, ladies and gentleman, I’m taking the cheap cheat’s way out. I lack the inclination to spill my most personal feelings on so open a blog; I lack the skill to write a blog of searing political satire of the type that involves a meticulous understanding of the way the world is (not) run; I lack the patience to critique other people’s work in any coherent fashion except for maybe once in a blue moon (I’m very pro-spontaneous rant); and, despite being pro-spontaneous rant, I think there are more than enough opinionated columnist-style blogs out there in media land, to the point that it’s both overwhelming and boring. The abundance of such writings has actually numbed me when it comes to caring what anyone else thinks. So my own tiny contribution to the massive sprawling messy interweb is going to be an occasional account of me working my way through this list. Which can be found here.

I figure that when I start working on an item, or complete it, or come up with a viable reason not do it, I can babble on about the whys and wherefores here and, lo and behold, I’m a step closer to ticking off number 58. Genius.

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