Now is the summer of our discontent

Except it’s winter. Still discontented, though. Part of this might be down to it being winter, to all my challenges for this year being either finished or proving not to be enjoyable. Being slightly fed-up with work, maybe? Technically everything in my home life is fine, except…

I’m bisexual. Most people assume I’m straight, because I live with my boyfriend and have done for four years now. I’m not, though. And having a boyfriend doesn’t turn off my attraction to women. I’m not polyamorous, so jumping into bed with a woman I like is not an option – and there’s not been anyone I’ve really fancied for a while anyway. But at the moment, I just really, really miss women.

Unfair on CM that I’m a bit blah at the moment, because it’s obviously not anything that he can fix. I also know, though, that he wouldn’t be any happier with me acting on this need for a woman than he would with me acting on a need for a man other than him (it’s come up in conversation before now). No threesome jokes – that’s not the same thing.

This happens. Ebbs and flows. It’ll pass. It’s just… annoying.

Someone I know who currently works for a very popular women’s glossy magazine put out a call for soundbites recently: “If you were single for 24 hours, what would you do?” I didn’t reply, but I immediately thought, “One night stand with a hot woman.” This is very frustrating. Even more that I don’t even have a woman I fancy at the moment to daydream about.

The flipside of being a monogamous bisexual. Yeah, we’re such sluts for the boys.

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