The Fitzroy

“The Fitzroy is set in an alternative 1950s where the world is covered in poisonous gas. The Fitzroy, a leaky submarine beached just off Margate, is the last refuge for a traditional summer holiday…”

An old school friend of mine is making a feature film. This isn’t one of those weekend project things; Andrew Harmer has worked as a freelancer in the filming arena for about ten years now. My favourite example of his work is the short film ‘Beat It’ (watch it – it’s brilliant). His producers (Dresden Pictures), aside from working on professional adverts and short films in the past, also kicked my team’s collective arse in the Sci-Fi London Festival 48-hour film competition earlier this year. The Fitzroy will be their first group effort at a feature-length movie.

The Fitzroy is a fully planned out, budgeted, script is written, read-through and edited, ‘it’s ready to go we just need funding’ film set up by a group of incredibly talented filmmakers, and they’re raising the funds on Kickstarter. I’ve avoided personally, directly asking people to consider funding (sticking to tweeting and sharing on facebook) until now – so far they’ve worked very hard promoting it, successfully, themselves. However, at this point they are now 75% of the way to their £60,000 goal, with just nine days to go and it’s so close!

Their kickstarter page describes the film and what they’re doing best. They also made a weekend film as part of the promotion, which is worth a watch ( so please consider funding even a couple of pounds (there is decent payback for small sums – even better for large) and spreading the word if you like the look of it or know anyone who might be interested…

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