Devon becomes her. Sort of.

It has been a long week. I went to Devon for the bank holiday weekend. I was supposed to be going for the Wimbleball preparation day, but having dropped out of that, I just went and stayed with a friend and made new friends and did the things that one ought to do in Devon, like eat oysters (for the first time) and fish and chips (for the billionth time), and dance to a band in a pub, and draw large Xs in the sand on a quiet beach and write ‘DIG!’ and ‘HERE BE TREASURE!’ next to them.

Also we went up cliff paths when the tidal walks we used filled up behind us. Beach skills.
Also we went up cliff paths when the tidal walks we used filled up behind us. Beach skills.

Because I was staying with a friend, we also did things like drinking scrumpy (then wine, then vodka) and eating cheese and staying up talking until 5.30am, when my alarm went off and we realised we should probably go to bed for a bit. The best recipe for weird dreams I can give you, by the way, is to eat cheese at 3am and then discuss (and look at pictures of) Dungeons & Dragons. It was an odd night’s sleep.

The trip was very head-clearing, metaphorically speaking. That’s good, because I needed something to shake out the general clutter and crap and kick me back into sorts. I fell in love with Devon – and who wouldn’t, after visiting in all the best circumstances? But literally speaking, the alcohol and lack of sleep managed to nurture what would have been a nasty cold anyway into a full-blown chest infection that wiped me out from Monday afternoon until… on-going, actually. I’m now back in bad cold territory, but it’s been a boring, tiring and painful week getting there.

I’m a terrible patient because I have no patience. Against Coffee Monster’s (sound) advice , I dragged myself to work on Thursday morning only to realise that feeling better comparative to how I’d felt the day before was not the same as being well enough to be at work. I lasted half an hour, copied some work home for me to do there if I could, and then went home and died all over the sofa.

By Friday afternoon I was going a bit nuts from lack of fresh air to the brain (too much snot and phlegm clogging up the airways). I decided to research red hair dyes and spruce up my wardrobe. Now it’s Saturday afternoon and I’m awaiting the arrival of a jacket that I loved but can’t really afford and which may not fit, and I have red hair which I sort of like but I’m not entirely certain about because it’s the lightest colour hair I’ve had in my life, and I’ve had a lot of different colours.

A separate thing: Ro did her race today, but I want her to have the opportunity to write about it before I start babbling. 

A second separate thing: real health update. Blood tests showed a thyroid issue, so I’ll be having more blood tests. Also have to have a chest x-ray. Also two different medicines to try.

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