Some news is good news

Was I a bit of a pessimist  in the last entry? I think I was. Sorry, faithful readers (or, you know, passers-by that don’t know what I’m on about). Here, let me make up for it…

I SO enjoyed writing two entries in one week  last week that I thought I’d do it again, because why not. Also, I’m a lot more cheerful today for three reasons. Actually, as I type that, it’s really only two reasons, but I studied fairytales as a post-grad, and three is a magic number and apparently I’m a bit OCD about these things. (Note – seven is also a good number, but that’s too much effort.)

1) Three months? Pah! Three months but nuthin’. I love Kings College Hospital – when I called to make my referred appointment (waiting until my papers had be sent over, as per the doc’s instructions), I was put on hold for a while, and then the nice lady looking at the appointments comes back. “I’m really sorry,” says she, “It looks as though the earliest we’ve got is mid-October.” “That’s ok,” says I, “I was expecting there to be a while to wait.” “Hang on,” says she, “I’m going to check this one more time.” AND LO! The Angel of the Appointments comes across a cancelled appointment in July. Not just in July, but at the very beginning of July. In just over two weeks. I have resolved to be nice to everyone I deal with in all things medical anyway (and in life generally) because heaven knows they get enough rubbish from people and the system is not the fault of the person stuck on reception, but I may have over-done it a bit in this case by calling phone lady a star and whooping down the phone and wishing her all manner of nice things.  Now I’ve calmed down, I’m trying not to get too excited about this, because, you know, disappointment and whatnot is bad and things may get cancelled or it could be the start of more stuff, but whatever. Such a MASSIVE improvement on three months. I’m also starting to be endlessly amused by the number of things it turns out my family have a medical history of. The doctor will say something, and I’ll be all ‘no one in my family’s had that’ and then three days later I’ll be talking to someone and it’ll turn out that, nope, that does run in the family as well. Honestly, I’m surprised that my family line is still going.

2) The Rivoli Ballroom was so beautiful on Saturday – and has a bar man who is the spitting image of Ian McKellen. Or maybe it was Ian McKellen. I don’t know – I didn’t want to be the dick who pointed out to the barman for the umpteenth time that he looks like Ian McKellen. The jive dancing was a lot of fun – even though CM and I are both terrible dancers, in different ways. I can’t tell my left from my right or follow basic instructions, and CM is one of life’s headbangers, which means he’s very skilled at keeping his feet planted and his head nodding in time, but not so much at moving the feet and arms.

Fred and Ginger are a perfect example of the dance skills we don’t have.

Anyway –  that I started looking at what else they do at the Rivoli. Has anyone been to The Magic Theatre? It sounds fun and is an excuse to get into costume. Any costume. We’ve got tickets for that and I just used it as an excuse to waste an hour of my last day off faffing around with face paint. I know I was complaining about painting my face in the last entry, but it’s different when the eyeliner is being used to draw around the lips, and the lip liner is being used to draw flowers. Would that I had an excuse to do that sort of face painting every day.  I’m looking forward to it the night out, anyway. Also, and Londoners will agree, there’s a lot to be said for having a good venue that’s walking distance from home. There’s nothing like a three-hour night bus wait-and-ride to put a damper on a good evening out.

3) And this is the big one, which had me smiling all day yesterday and which I would have written about sooner, but I wanted to give the bearers of the news a bit more time to get the word out themselves. … You know what’s awesome? Being an auntie. You know what’s doubly awesome? Being told that you get to be an auntie twice over. Yup, my older sister is pregnant! Probably most people reading this do not care – but I care (see above for the awesomeness of being an auntie), and so does my sister (currently a bit terrified and morning sick, rather than excited) and her husband (definitely excited) and the grandparents to be on both sides. So does my already existing nephew (son to my other sister), who has come to the not-unreasonable conclusion that the baby is coming just for his amusement. I think I just broke some sort of self-imposed ‘don’t talk about family’ cardinal blog rule, but that I don’t care about. I wanted to shout about this somewhere, so here we are. Baaaaby!

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