Other people’s writing

Here’s a couple of good pieces – both sport related – that have popped up in the last day or so.

First up – Rowena at Running For People Who Don’t. She’s been on hiatus for a while, but is back with a vengeance. That means a great list of A-races for the year and doing it all for an important cause. It is very much worth reading her round-up of what she has planned and why, here: ‘Racing for a reason’ (click to read).

Next – Katy, ex-uni mate and now member of the GB ice climbing team, is putting her excellent writing out there for people to read. She’s started with a lovely piece on focus and climbing, and by extension, loving life that bit more, in ‘You have a monkey mind’ (click to read).

My own training has been iffy this week as I’m being stalked by a cough-cold that pretended to be gone for about two weeks and then resurged. Seems to be dying down again, though, so looking forward to getting back to it. Especially as the overwhelming ‘advice’ from folks after the last entry has been to do the unsensible things, and god knows I am easily influenced.

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