In which our heroine is late for a pub quiz

So, right as an interview in which I go on about updating this blog weekly goes live, I’m late with this week’s entry. Of course.

‘Interview?’ I hear you ask. Why yes, interview! In a moment of being absolutely too big for my britches, I got myself interviewed for the fantastic new site – which is a resource for women aiming to get into journalism or creative writing. There’s a lot of wonderful women on there with a lot to say about their work, so I strongly urge you go over and check it out. Or, if you want to read me waffling on with great enthusiasm (same old, then), please head to THIS PAGE in particular. Also, that’s what I look like. Yep. The brown hair rather than the red, these days.

This is being written hurriedly, because in about 20 minutes I’m off out to lose the local pub quiz. Our quiz team is small and inefficient and goes by the name Noodles and Haddocks because we panicked and there were pictures of fish and noodles on the wall.

An actual plate of noodles and haddock would probably do better in the quiz than we have so far
An actual plate of noodles and haddock would probably do better in the quiz than we have so far

Hurriedly is better than not at all – yesterday I was struck down by the (apparently working to a timer) usual headache, which left me not being able to focus or think for about a day. Work was fun this morning, I tell ya. So I did try to write last night, but got sidetracked getting angry about UKIPpery, and David Cameron and the remarkable leaps various politicians are making onto the bandwagon of Boko Haram, weeks late for this particular events, years late for everything else that group has done. An ill me is an angry me.  One day, maybe, I unleash my rage at politicians and world injustice on here, but not today.

Today I’m going to mention that there’s the Manx Litfest Poetry Trail comp to be entered. I’ve just found out from the organiser that it’s not, as previously thought, a resident’s only competition, so I might have a crack at it. Maybe you’d be interested?

I’m also going to direct you to the beautifully written, funny and heartbreaking Riding Storms. It’s a recently started blog about dealing with the loss of a parent, and I can’t recommend it enough. If you put ten minutes aside to read this blog, use the rest of the time to catch up over there.

Go on.

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