Easter Island – NASA, Bird men, Giant heads, Six packs and Childhood Dreams

Grief and travel – beautifully written and worth a read…

Riding storms

It took 36 hours to reach the most remote place on earth. Having never travelled anywhere on my own before I did have some slight concerns whether this was a good idea or not, especially when wandering around Santiago airport where none of the signs are in English and your only communication option with staff is the worst game of charades you’ve ever played.

I arrived in Easter Island at midnight, last off the plane I did the British thing and joined the first queue I found. Half an hour later, having reached the front of the queue I handed my passport to the guard only to look over the divide and see two men carrying my backpack away from the luggage belt. It quickly became clear I was in the flight connection queue for Tahiti, after snatching back my passport, ducking under the barrier and running full speed across…

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