Empire of Whimsy

So here’s a combination of two things I love: Phil Kneen’s fantastic photography, and my beautiful and poised kid sister who recently modelled for him. Enjoy.

Phil Kneen Photography

img183I photographed Georgia Zapparoli, poet, a couple of weeks before Christmas, the shoot went well, but when I got home I hated all the digital shots I’d taken and actually permanently deleted the lot, which is pretty rare for me! On that day I also shot one roll of black and white film using a 1950’s Rolleicord TLR camera (the two black and white images shown here). It’s taken me over 6 weeks to see the results on film, but I love them, and I think Georgia looks amazing, very confident and sensuous. Georgia admitted that she’s always felt more comfortable without clothes on, so naked seemed the appropriate way to go!  The cling film shot has, as usual, no hidden meanings or connotations, I just thought it might look good. Some people over on my Facebook page have described it as ‘pretentious’ and a deliberate attempt at ‘shock…

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