I won’t be updating this blog for a good long while. I’ve been lax about it this year anyway, so this is not a huge change except that by putting ‘I’m taking a break’ in writing, I get to stop trying to think of how and if I even can address the world as it is at the moment in a post. A lot of other people seem to have that covered. Everything I want to say I’m not brave enough to post, or else needs more thought than my throwaway approach to this place allows. Maybe I’ll do some longer essays at some point, but not blogs. The page of published stuff will stay up and keep being updated because it’s basically my CV; all the old posts will sit there; I might add some music.

In a nutshell: I can’t face writing about the bad things, and they’re happening too fast and too often to offer any perspective. I don’t want to write about the good things, they are happening so fast that to stop and write about them would be to jinx them and miss them. So I give up, for now. Thanks for reading for this long, and for all comments and support. x

The Blog

This blog is not just about books, and not at all about coffee. It’s about whatever I feel about writing about on any given day, which for a long time was all things triathlon and training, but these days is rather more about writing, attending events and anything I’m doing or thinking that I want to write about.


I live up North with my partner (Coffee Monster) and two dogs. We moved here recently after 7.5 (for me) years in London. Turns out that was my time limit for city life. Over the past couple of years I’d fallen out of love with London but wholeheartedly back in love with writing (crucially, taking it seriously, sending work out). I eventually found a job working for a writing magazine in Newcastle, so here I am – still adjusting to the change, but loving it.

I can be found on Twitter (@zarahruth) mostly talking rubbish. I’m on Facebook, but I tend not to accept friend requests from people I don’t know in real life.

There’s also some rough singing/songwriting on Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/zarahruth


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