Have yourself a ferry little Christmas

Last Monday, travelling on the ferry to my parents’ house for Christmas, I was violently, horribly seasick. As it turns out, the stormy weather meant the ferry we were on would be the last one to run for a day or so, and I’m not at all surprised. It was the worst crossing I’d been on since the age of about 11 and I was absolutely not the only person with their nose in a sickbag for the last hour or so of the trip. Continue reading “Have yourself a ferry little Christmas”

The Next Big Thing

It is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Migration has begun. Not just the birds; also the people who embraced the summer heat and then looked ahead to the winter and realised that they don’t want to wade through that again. Without thinking too hard I can name four people of my immediate acquaintance who have chosen to jet off to Spain, Italy or Australia before the rain arrives this year. (Or snow. Sometimes we have that, too.) The same sort of migration happens every year. Equally, there are people suddenly coming back to the UK, or who have chosen to stay when they had every intention of leaving. Continue reading “The Next Big Thing”

Say hello, wave goodbye

It seems premature to be writing this at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon, knowing that I’m mostly going to be writing about the weekend or things relating to my weekend when really it’s only half done. But the bigger half is done. That’s terrible English. I just mean the part that was most important and has been quietly taking up a significant part of my thoughts for the past two weeks. The heat melted quite a large part of the rest of my brain, which left me with about 5% focus for the rest of the world. Sorry, work; sorry, Coffee Monster. Continue reading “Say hello, wave goodbye”