#9 06:05:04

That title is my time for the London Marathon (#9 Run a marathon). Next time I’m aiming for 05:04:03. I’ll put up marathon photos as soon as I get them, if I do. Also I just realised that, in what must have been a moment of weakness, when I transcribed my list, I changed marathon to 10km. PAH! Me of little faith. Still says marathon in the original, though!

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#6 Write a film script

Slight cheat, because me and five other people wrote the script – but hell, we also made the film, so I think it’s worth counting this as a tick. Sci-Fi-London 48-hour Film Challenge, in case you’re interested. In a fit of the ‘I wannas’ (Coffee Monster does this sort of thing fairly often and I wanted a go) I invited a few people to take part in the competition, so CM invited more, and quite soon we had more people interested than we expected and we were actually hosting this thing.

The List

I’m the type of person who needs a deadline to get anything done. Being that my life is flipping past me at top speed ‘like one of those day calendars in an old movie’ (as someone recently and horribly described it) I’ve signed up to dayzeroproject. Basically, writing a list of 101 things to achieve in the next 1,001 days. Continue reading