Never work with children or animals. Or slinkies.

I spent today trying to knock my brain back into a world of words after a weekend of filming for the 48-hour Film Project (48HFP) London edition. Between this, last weekend’s triathlon-based events, and work being particularly hectic at the moment, I feel like Langwidere, the princess with 30 heads in The Wizard of Oz – but changing heads to suit different pastimes instead of looks. Except I can’t seem to swap heads quickly enough, and that pesky girl Dorothy has made off with the only one that gets plenty of sleep and doesn’t have a cold clinging grimly on. Continue reading “Never work with children or animals. Or slinkies.”

In which we revisit my childhood brat self

That last entry is the most popular thing I’ve ever written – more than 10 times the number of views I usually have. That could have something to do with me linking to it with the comment, ‘Sorry if this is too much information’. Quite a lot of people probably clicked and then went away again almost immediately, disappointed at the lack of drama or naked body parts – the naked photos are a few entries back, folks. I could keep adding such interest-inducing comments to the links, but I don’t think I could keep the hyperbole up (‘More too much information!’; ‘Ladybits!’; ‘MY WHOLE PRIVATE DIARY!’).

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#6 Write a film script

Slight cheat, because me and five other people wrote the script – but hell, we also made the film, so I think it’s worth counting this as a tick. Sci-Fi-London 48-hour Film Challenge, in case you’re interested. In a fit of the ‘I wannas’ (Coffee Monster does this sort of thing fairly often and I wanted a go) I invited a few people to take part in the competition, so CM invited more, and quite soon we had more people interested than we expected and we were actually hosting this thing.