Eye of newt, toe of alien (for sale)

Today’s theme is items of a haunted nature.

About a year ago, quite by accident, I discovered that eBay has a ‘weird stuff’ category, under ‘collectables’. No kidding. And then it divides into useful sub-categories such as ‘totally bizarre’, ‘quite strange’ and ‘not that odd’ (or titles along those lines).
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Today my Christmas/New Year break starts. I have nearly three weeks (ok, two and a half, but nearly three makes it sound much longer) to do all the projects I claim not to have time to do when I’m working full time; I basically get to pretend I’m a student again – more specifically an English student, which means about 9 hours of the day committed (to training) and the rest “studying”, where studying means doing whatever I please. Continue reading “Break”