Friday night with Frankie and Johnny

Friday night and I’m at home alone watching Frankie and Johnny –  a film, appropriately, mostly about a couple of lonely people who have no one to spend the evenings with. It might be my new favourite film. Also I’m being unnecessarily dramatic about being at home alone – I was invited for cocktails, but didn’t notice the message until I was already home and settled, and the Coffee Monster is out watching Black Sabbath. We would have been seeing Neil Gaiman at the Barbican this evening, but did some ticket juggling and are going tomorrow instead. Continue reading “Friday night with Frankie and Johnny”

Beautiful yesterdays

I’m 31 and I had never been to a music festival until last weekend. I’m not sure how this basic rite of passage slipped past me. Maybe it had something to do with most of the festivals I’d heard of being unappealing and unaffordable (tonnes of mud, disgusting toilets, bands I hadn’t much heard of or didn’t much care for) or else appealing but many hundreds of miles away, and therefore also unaffordable (Burning Man). Continue reading “Beautiful yesterdays”