Happy birthday, worms and monsters

Forget Christmas and end-of-year musings: this is the first anniversary entry of this blog. That’s 52+ entries. That’s a triumph of commitment and stubbornness over half-arsed writing, slow weekends and a short attention span. Continue reading “Happy birthday, worms and monsters”

The Next Big Thing

It is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Migration has begun. Not just the birds; also the people who embraced the summer heat and then looked ahead to the winter and realised that they don’t want to wade through that again. Without thinking too hard I can name four people of my immediate acquaintance who have chosen to jet off to Spain, Italy or Australia before the rain arrives this year. (Or snow. Sometimes we have that, too.) The same sort of migration happens every year. Equally, there are people suddenly coming back to the UK, or who have chosen to stay when they had every intention of leaving. Continue reading “The Next Big Thing”