Everyone has a story #yesallwomen

The #yesallwomen hashtag is trending right now in response to yesterday’s shootings in Santa Barbara. The basic details, which I’m not rehashing, can be found here. The event has lit the touch-paper of a society already sick of rape culture and misogyny, and a world that promotes it.

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Fight or flight

I had a few ideas for this next entry. I’m worrying about Ironman 70.3 UK, for which training is wholeheartedly under way and for which I’m starting to worry about the practicalities, like actually getting to Exmoor. So there was that. And then there’s this ongoing rift in my head between country and city, where I can’t figure out where I’d like to live. So there was that. Weight loss is an issue at the moment. A book review, I have in mind. A movie review. Maybe a mess of the lot.

But then today, on my run, some jerk decided to harass me. He, much as I hate to admit it, actually scared me. In fact it didn’t just scare me; it made me really FUCKING ANGRY. So that’s the subject.

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