Leaving on a jet plane. Or not.

Manx legend says that when Mannanan mac Lir wants to protect the Isle of Man from unwanted visitors, he throws his great cloak of mist around it so that it can’t be found. Well, last Friday morning someone on one of the flights coming in must not have been welcome, because the cloak was being used to great effect, mostly around the area of the airport. Continue reading “Leaving on a jet plane. Or not.”

Have yourself a ferry little Christmas

Last Monday, travelling on the ferry to my parents’ house for Christmas, I was violently, horribly seasick. As it turns out, the stormy weather meant the ferry we were on would be the last one to run for a day or so, and I’m not at all surprised. It was the worst crossing I’d been on since the age of about 11 and I was absolutely not the only person with their nose in a sickbag for the last hour or so of the trip. Continue reading “Have yourself a ferry little Christmas”