Sunshine and vaginas

It’s been a lovely, hot day. I spent a fair chunk of it sitting in my suntrap of a yard, doing a bit of writing and work. Then I made a cuppa and went back out with the latest Paris Review and a parasol that I bought at the music festival last year, so that I could be warm but not burn. It was far and away the most pretentious thing I’ve ever done, I think, and I can be really fecking pretentious. Continue reading “Sunshine and vaginas”

Poem for Mental Health Awareness Week

This week (12th – 18th May) is Mental Health Awareness week.

I wrote a poem, ages ago, for submission to a themed Mslexia issue. Theme: troubled minds. I didn’t get into the issue and I’ve sent the poem out unsuccessfully since then. It popped back up in my inbox yesterday, still homeless, and though I’m sure if I keep sending it out there it’ll get picked up at some point (maybe), it seemed appropriate that it’s reappeared as a free agent this week. So I’ve decided to put it up here. Continue reading “Poem for Mental Health Awareness Week”