Blog Hoppin’

So this entry is part of a #BlogHop. To steal the description: “How it works is: a blogger/writer blogs about their writing process, and then nominates three other blogger/writers to do the same… and so it goes. Oh the blogs you can hop through in this network!”

I was nominated by my favourite backpacking Canadian, Christine Estima, to take part. Actually I was supposed to put this entry up on 19 May, but that was my birthday, folks, and it’s been a busy week, so this is as soon as I’ve been able to fit it in.  The deal is I’ll be answering a few questions about writing. A small amount of this might be a slight repeat of things I said over on Women in Their Own Words, but most of it shouldn’t be because they are mostly different questions. Continue reading “Blog Hoppin’”

The week that was

So this entry is actually last week’s entry. If I hadn’t made my own arbitrary rules saying I’d do at least one a week, I’d be skipping this altogether (rather than writing two entries in one weekend to make up for it, which is what I’m doing).

Thing is, skipping this entry – excusing myself because I was busy actually doing things rather than writing about doing things – would open the door to endless excuses and no writing for the ages. Which would be sad, given that this blog is almost at its one-year anniversary of regular writing. Continue reading “The week that was”