On the tip of my tongue

A week or so ago a person who’s known me for a very, very long time – knows my background and my family and how filled with books the house I grew up in is and how I talk – but had not read anything I’ve written until I started blogging, told me that she was quite surprised by my writing style. She thought it would be more flowery. More long words, I guess, and poetic and perhaps more philosophical?

I was a bit surprised, anyway, because at the other end of the scale Coffee Monster finds it funny and frustrating that, when talking, I have the barest grasp of nouns and can spend five minutes searching for the correct adjective. Not out of artistic temperament – I just forget words easily when I’m on the spot. I used to have a speech impediment Continue reading “On the tip of my tongue”

“Just go for a little run…”: weekend race report (of sorts)

Last Tuesday, with the one and only race I’d not had to pull out of this summer coming up on the Saturday – at the ITU World Championships, no less (sprint distance (open race, obviously, not as an age-group qualifier)) – I woke up with a runny nose and a sore throat.

I did not react calmly. Continue reading ““Just go for a little run…”: weekend race report (of sorts)”