What kind of blog reader are you?


These things are so accurate! If I do enough of them, I might truly know myself...
These things are so accurate! If I do enough of them, I might truly know myself!


What colour is your aura? I got RED aura

You got RED aura. This shows that you stood out in the sun today, cheering for your friend as he ran the London Marathon in a rather impressive 3:18  on what felt like the hottest day of the year so far. You are glowing with the enjoyment of a day well spent, and also with the intake of Apricot beer, which tasted great but went straight to your head.


What is your ideal career? I got VET

You should have been a VET. You have the patience to sit under the kitchen table with the family pet and clean, medicate and bandage its two front paws despite a fair amount of unhelpful wriggling. This after it has somehow blistered its pads walking home from the actual vet (irony, ho!). That might have been fine, but your beloved mutt nibble on the blisters until she opened them and couldn’t walk without limping. It’s a good thing you can bandage so well!


What ghoul haunts your house? I got a PHANTOM CONE OF SHAME

You are haunted by a PHANTOM CONE OF SHAME. You probably thought it was a poltergeist, but actually those ghostly knocking noises moving down the hallway, and those rumblings at the foot of the bed, are the sound of the dog whose feet you previously bandaged failing to be graceful in the face of injury, and smacking the Cone of Shame she is wearing into the wall at every available opportunity. The scrape and thud of it catching on the radiator sure does sound spooky, though! As do her squeaks and moans when she can’t scratch her ears. But don’t worry, she’s discovered that she can use the edge of the cone to smack people in the back of the knee. Sometimes when she does that, they drop food.


What type of flower are you? I got WILTED

You are so WILTED and dried up that it’s not easy to tell what kind of flower you once were. All your petals have fallen off. Although you have had a great weekend, and week prior to that, and weekend prior to that, at some point you need a couple of days off with nothing to do – no freelance work, no actual work. Just stories and time outside. Sunshine and lots of water to drink. A bit of nurturing. That sort of thing.


What genre of film are you? I got SCREW THE FILM, I CHOOSE FLASH FICTION

Why film things this weekend when you can enter a FLASH FICTION competition instead? The Sci-Fi London folks have branched out from the 48-hour film challenge this year, and added a 48-hour flash fiction competition. You will opt to do the flash fiction competition; chase your registration; get your title, line of text and optional scientific theme about six hours late; and then abruptly bash out a story anyway. You will revel in how much nicer it is to only have to focus on your mind instead of a whole crew. Although you enjoyed making a film for the same festival a couple of years ago, you will possibly prefer your story. But readily admit that sci-fi is difficult to write and you aren’t sure if you’ve nailed it – but you will send the story in early anyway, since you have freelance stuff to do tonight and normal-job work in the morning.


What is your worst vice? I got PROCRASTINATION

You are getting better at curbing your vice, but occasionally it comes back with avengeance, not dissimilar to the way that a craving for chocolate has abruptly resurfaced. After a month of not caring for the stuff, suddenly you would suck someone’s false teeth for the taste of the hot chocolate they just drank. [I actually wouldn’t go that far. Actually.] So it is with PROCRASTINATION, as the less fun work piles up and you do anything, including writing a blog entry, to avoid starting it.

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