If I were a slightly more professional blogging type, I would come into this with a theme or a topic, instead of doing what actually happened which is: I gave myself a day off today (first time in a while), fell asleep on the sofa, and have just woken up wondering what to do with my evening.

Could paint or draw – but that would mean getting up to get the materials.

Could write a story – am gearing up to open the thing I started for Nanowrimo (doomed never to complete it because my partner’s birthday is early November, which always derails my time, and then I don’t get back on track). I’ve been flailing on the writing front for a while now. Turned down running a writing workshop recently because it seemed like rank hypocrisy to pretend to know what I’m talking about when I feel very much like I don’t, at the moment.

Could stare mindlessly at instagram, ostensibly to get ideas for things to draw (currently loving everything by @pulpbrother), but not really.

Could write mindlessly, instead. Lucky you!

I wrote a song recently, completed one, I guess, for the first time in what soundcloud (where I dump a lot of rough records and ideas) for about a year. Also rewrote some lyrics on the things from a year ago. I’ve gone back pretty folky and quiet, which I’m not sure I like. I think feeling a bit disconnected from other people as a musician does that to me, tbh. I stop writing things with other instruments and voices in mind. Get stuck in my own limitations. And in waltz-mode, apparently. So many waltzes.

Tomorrow night there is a fundraiser for what last year was a new and exciting venue called Pealie’s Barn. A friend held a small music festival there in May (which I piggy-backed on for my birthday party). It’s an amazing, largely sustainable place, run by fantastic people – and last month was hit with the news that actually they’d been misinformed about their status as a venue, so they cannot hold shows at the moment. The paper work to get the permits is extensive and expensive, so they’re raising the money to, basically, save one of the few places that stands half a chance of surviving the energy crisis. More on that at this link. I’m going along to support – also maybe to play (there’s a little open mic-ish aspect to it). It’s been a really really really long time since I played in front of people as myself and not a witch character. So we’ll see.

Winter, hey. Finally here; still kind of warm. Still pretty fricking bad for the old mental health, despite all the walks and vitamin D and whatnot. I keep seeing infographics about how we’re all animals and should be hibernating in winter and being gentle with ourselves, and that’s great info, but also something you really have to plan for in summer. Also I don’t know how you all afford the scented candles and cosies and whatnot. I’m here spending my money on anti-mold paint.

/end meandering post


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