#6 Write a film script

Slight cheat, because me and five other people wrote the script – but hell, we also made the film, so I think it’s worth counting this as a tick. Sci-Fi-London 48-hour Film Challenge, in case you’re interested. In a fit of the ‘I wannas’ (Coffee Monster does this sort of thing fairly often and I wanted a go) I invited a few people to take part in the competition, so CM invited more, and quite soon we had more people interested than we expected and we were actually hosting this thing.
The weekend was, frankly, a blast. We all didn’t get much sleep; we didn’t figure out locations in advance so were relying heavily on effects; we didn’t really ever have an obvious director; and as a group we hadn’t worked together before. All told, we’re quite pleased with the (admittedly flawed, but come on!) result and the fact that we had a good weekend with a fair amount of pressure and NO falling out. Brilliant.
At the end of it, our front room looked like a bomb had hit it – actually most of the flat did. I discovered hitherto hidden talents. Also I love LOVE the process of filming and directing and picking through the edit. This is something to revisit.
In the meantime, here’s the result. Also, there will be an extra available in the future, once we rescue it (mysterious, yes?) And if you click through to vimeo, more info on the participants is available.


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